About Ulferts International Limited

Established for over 40 years, Ulferts International is a well-known furniture retailer in Hong Kong dedicated to supplying high quality, stylish and affordable furniture for transforming living spaces into ideal homes. Ulferts International currently operates a few retail lines in Hong Kong including “Ulferts Signature”, “Ulferts”, “at • home”, and “Dormire”. In addition, several online shopping platforms are available for maximizing market coverage. “Ulferts Signature”,  “Ulferts” and “at • home” offer more than 50 furniture brands (some of which are international brands) imported from different suppliers in Europe and Asia, covering a wide variety of contemporary style furniture products targeting middle to high income group. Meanwhile, its self-owned brand, “Ulfenbo”, mainly offers mattresses, pillows and sofas through wholesaling to dealers and retailing under “Dormire” speciality stores. Ulferts International was awarded the “Triple Crown Winner” and “Market Leadership Award in Furniture Retail 2018/2019” by Hong Kong Institute of Marketing, which is a testimony to its market leading position. For more product information, please visit our website: www.ulferts.com.hk.

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