List of Directors and their Role and Function


The members of the board of Directors (“Board”) of Ulferts International Limited are set out below :

Executive Directors

Mr. Wong Chi Fai (Chairman)

Mr. Ng Koon Keung, Ricky

Ms. Mok Fung Lin, Ivy

Ms. Fan Man Seung, Vanessa

Independent Non-executive Directors       

Ms. Chan Yee Man

Mr. Chiu Kin Fai

Mr. Ng Hoi Yue


There are 5 Board committees. The table below provides membership information of these committees on which the Board members serve.

Director/Board Committee Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee Corporate Governance Committee Executive Committee
Mr. Wong Chi Fai M C
Mr. Ng Koon Keung, Ricky M
Ms. Mok Fung Lin, Ivy M
Ms. Fan Man Seung, Vanessa M C M
Ms. Chan Yee Man C M M
Mr. Chiu Kin Fai M C M
Mr. Ng Hoi Yue M C M

Notes :

C    Chairman / Chairperson

M     Member

Hong Kong, 26 January 2018

List of Directors – Biography

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